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Jawar Airport and the Real Estate Boom: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Jewar Airport, nestled in the heart of a burgeoning metropolis, has not only transformed the city’s air travel but also ignited a real estate boom in its vicinity. As planes take off and land, the property market around Jewar Airport is soaring to new heights, offering investors and homebuyers unprecedented opportunities. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable phenomenon.

In the offing is the proposition of Jewar International Aerodrome, an envisaged air terminal slated for construction in the vicinity of Jewar, situated 54 kilometers away from Noida in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Steering the helm on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh State Government is the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), poised to be the implementing agency.

The airport’s blueprint is charted to unfold within the contours of a Public Private Partnership model (PPP). The slated agenda encompasses the establishment of a dual-runway airfield by the fiscal year 2022-23, with subsequent aspirations to burgeon it into a sprawling 7200-acre runway facility at an opportune juncture along the al-Jewar route.


  • Brief Overview of Jewar Airport : Jewar Airport, established decades ago, has evolved into a vital hub for domestic and international flights. Its strategic location has contributed to its prominence, attracting travellers and businesses alike.
  • Importance of Real Estate around Airports : Proximity to an airport has long been a key factor in real estate development. The convenience it offers, coupled with the potential for increased property value, makes it an attractive prospect for both developers and homeowners.

Real Estate Boom in Jawar:

  • Factors Driving Real Estate Growth : Several factors contribute to the flourishing real estate market around Jawar Airport, including increased business activity, improved infrastructure, and a growing population.
  • Investment Opportunities : Investors are capitalizing on the rising demand for housing, commercial spaces, and hospitality services. The potential for high returns makes Jawar real estate an enticing investment prospect.

Unique Features of Jewar Airport:

  • Modern Infrastructure : Jewar Airport boasts state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing its appeal to both travellers and businesses. This modern infrastructure plays a pivotal role in attracting real estate developers.
  • Connectivity Advantages : The airport’s excellent connectivity opens up opportunities for businesses and residents alike. Easy access to transportation hubs is a significant selling point for properties in the area.